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YES! It is happening!
I'm diving into the world of Commissions and see how long can I sail, or how deep can I sink.

So I ask you, fellow reader, wouldn't you like to see a character you like in a specific romantic/embarassing situation you have thought up and would ~LOVE~ to see become real in the forms of a drawing?

Wouldn't you love to see your own OC gain a visual form to complete that description you wrote?

And wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually see your OC with your favorite character as if you were looking at a photo?

If you have mentally answered yes to most of these questions, then why don't you gather up your money, look at my price's catalog and make your order?

Feel free to look around and don't be shy to ask if you have any questions! :heart:


Dragona15 Commission's Info by Dragona15 <--- Check the catalog to see what each section implies, or continue to read, since both have the exact same info.

Half Body - 1€
Full Body - 2€

Colored Sketches
Half Body - 2€
Full Body - 3€

Half Body - 4€
Full Body - 6€
Detailed* Half Body - 10€
Detailed* Full Body - 13€

Shaded Lineart
Half Body - 6€
Full Body - 8€
Detailed* Half Body - 13€
Detailed* Full Body - 16€

Flat Colors
Half Body - 8€
Full Body - 10€
Detailed* Half Body - 16€
Detailed* Full Body - 18€

Cell Shading
Half Body - 10€
Full Body - 14€
Detailed* Half Body - 22€
Detailed* Full Body - 25€

Blend Shading
Half Body - 20€
Full Body - 25€
Detailed* Half Body - 30€
Detailed* Full Body - 35€

Lineart - 2€
Color - 3€

Additional Characters
For Sketches, Colored Sketches & Chibies - Add 1€
For Lineart & Shaded Lineart - Add 2€
For Flat Color & Cell Shading - Add 4€
For Blend Shading & Detailed* - Add 8€

* Detailed drawings includes complicated armor, necklaces, tattoos, weapons, funs, special gear, special outfits or clothing/objects that don't belong to the original character.

• Will do
- Humans, animals, anthro, vehicles and weapons.
- Romantic, suggestive or explicit situations.
- Sad, violent and gore scenes.
- Boy/Boy; Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl.

• Will not do
- Mechas & robots (this is negotiable and possible with the right reference pictures)

• Backgrounds are limited to 1 flat color or a blend between 2 colors.


• Payment: Paypal only. • I will start your order after receiving full payment.
*Please send as "to family or friends" or I will lose some money. Thank you in advance!

• I will refuse commission requests if I am unable or uncomfortable with it.

• The time I take to finish the commission will depend on a series of events, such as the complexity of the drawing or on how many orders I have. I'll do my best to get them done as soon as possible. Please be patient!

• If your finished commission is not to your liking I will adjust it with a valid reason. I will always put my best into every commission so I will not refund the work I have already done.

Red Square Bullet Red Square Bullet Red Square Bullet Red Square Bullet


Communication is very important, and it is essential for a good quality service on my part.

~This is what I will need from you~

• Please, be very specific on what you have in mind. It will help me give you exactly what you wish for, if you tell me how you want the characters (poses,front view, side view, back view, perspective, etc.)

• Provide me with as much information as possible, especially with characters with no official reference pictures, such as Original Characters (skin color, eye color, fashion sense, objects they use such as necklaces, etc.).

• For drawings that require some complexity, I will keep you updated on the progress to make sure it is coming close to what you have in mind. Also Keep in mind that I will not continue the work until you reply back to me on either a "yes" or a "no". Feedback is very important to me!

• I will appreciate it immensely if you leave my signature "" on the drawing while you use it as you see fit, because that way others will be able to know where the drawing came from and will be able to get their own.

~This is what you will get~
*If I am not given a specific canvas size or file format, these are the specifications I will use:
• A standard 640x480px canvas size with white background (portrait or landscape, depending on the position of the character).
• A JPEG format file

Contacting me
Got a question? Want to order something? Send me a Note Note la for further details or discussion of your order.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
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Auntie Draggy and Uncle Frank by FrankenPup
:iconockc: :heart: :iconocbloo:
:icondragona15: :iconfrankenpup:

TMNT SAINW Broken Hope Cover by Dragona15 TMNT SAINW Broken Hope Alternative ending by Dragona15 Tmnt Sainw Broken Hope Mikey by Dragona15 Tmnt Sainw Broken Hope Leo by Dragona15 

:iconrequestsclosed:  :iconpointcommishesclosed:  

Pyramid Head Vertical Stamp by kyphoscoliosis

:heart: Banner Button - Raph by DuelistoftheRose Banner Button - Don by DuelistoftheRose :heart:

Hate Storage Stamp by izka197  DW Weeping Angels Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Beast Stamp by TwilightProwler Angelus Stamp by NakaseArt Caim by skinnyveestamp Caim vs. Nowe by Yggdrasile Non-premium users can use them too by HappyPenguin819 Stamp: The F Word by Northern33 FF7:stamp: :O by DarkLitria I actually played ff7 Stamp by AwesomeStamps Charizard-Stamp by Shiro-Redfield Stamp Bow Ties Are Cool by yellowo4 Nanaki Stamp by littlealliegator Cid banana stamp by Shadowsluver  Last Fight AC Stamp by VivaVoce GODDAMN TEA by Brittlander Fan Crack Stamp by gw33t3r-love Crack Pairings Stamp by Kaana-Chan Fandom Crack Stamp by ladychimera Crack pairings stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart I love crack pairings by Kirichan-Inuyasha Funny Word Stamp by DarkMythril    Stamp- Crack- pairings by lightvanille Space Core Stamp 1 by Evetsu Dead Space Stamp by REDWOOD3D Dead Space Stamp by Destro2k silent hill stamp by otakulottie Welcome to Silent Hill Stamp by Cruzle Silent Hill Gift Shop Stamp by Busiris
Silent Hill Stamp by XOXwatchmeburnXOX Silent Hill Homecoming Stamp by NevanAnxa Silent Hill Original Stamp by BeyondTheNightmare  Silent Hill 2 Stamp by SelphieSK Silent Hill II :: Pyramid Head by Crystallis 11121 Stamp by Clockwerk-chan SH-STAMP: Pyramid Heads Lament by Morbid-Moppet
Pyramid head stamp by Raephen Pyramid Head by KateSkirmish  Pyramid Head stamp by zirio It's Rape Time Stamp by Gokulover4ever Stamp- Amnesia the dark ... by Xeehsl Amnesia Grunt Stamp by madohomos <da:thumb id="280317924"/> Flappy Face- Amnesia Stamp by AtalaSirion Classic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClub Crash Bandicoot Stamp by Ben-Anderson DINO CRISIS stamp by SizzyBubbles MGS Fan Stamp by Busiris Snake Stamp by SonKitty Z.O.E: The 2nd Runner stamp by seaweed-udon Snake Stamp by vdaymassacre Okami Stamp by ByoWT1125 Okami by ovstamps Donald Time stamp by Neko-Spartan Drakengard by skinnyveestamp Drakengard - Second Stamp by skinnyveestamp Drakengard-Stamp by Dinoclaws Drakengard Quote Stamp by InsanityWolf Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin Badass Characters Stamp by She-Kaiju HTTYD 2 Stamp - silly Toothless by The-GreenGoblin Wreck it Ralph Stamp - Sergeant and Fix it Felix by The-GreenGoblin Assassin's Creed by Multigold99 Dress in Drag and do the Hula by GreedLin Okami Stamp by okamiblanco <da:thumb id="395707763"/> dolan stamp by SwanRose Just One Of Those Months by PsychoMonkeyShogun Snoopy Writer Stamp by Mirz123   I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Paint Tool SAI by Kawiku Adobe Photoshop Stamp by SoulTutorial Raphael TMNT Stamp by dragontamer272  2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBell .. TMNT Stamp .. by DoomTaco  TMNT Donatello Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman Donatello Stamp by Miha85 Leonardo Stamp by Miha85
Michelangelo Stamp by Miha85 TMNT Casey Jones Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman TMNT April O'Neil Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Karai Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Krang Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman TMNT - Splinter by Szczur-chan TMNT Stamp: Raph and Arrows by Culinary-Alchemist Tmnt 2012 Oroku Saki/ The Shredder- Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Raph Puppet stamp by KeyshaKitty Stamp: Nightwatcher by Rapha-chan LeatherHead Stamp by NaruButt Stamp: SAINW Don by ninja-doodler STAMP -Nightwatcher by MissObsidian95 Dark Donny stamp by Allegra-chan Dark leo stamp by Allegra-chan Dark Mikey stamp by Allegra-chan Dark Raph stamp by Allegra-chan 
I Support Raphie Frog Dance by SpiritOfTheWolf87 Raphael 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps         



:iconockc: :heart: :iconocbloo:

A collection of works of the babies from
:icondragona15: & :iconfrankenpup:
Plus fans/admirers/inspired by/requested from/etc

Concept Art

tmnt OC KC studies by Dragona15 Tmnt OC: Bloo by FrankenPup
tmnt oc K.C. Colorized by Dragona15 tmnt oc realistic Bloo by Dragona15

The most romantic couple's adventures

tmnt oc KC n Bloo family portrait by Dragona15 Family Photo of Derps by FrankenPup
The Wonderful World of KC and Bloo (Bloo Vers.)Warning! these prompts contain abuse, mentions of blood and gore, mothdicks, sexy times, some fluff, manipulation, all kinds of bad stuff, and possibly sensitive materials disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised
Prompt 1: Phobia
Without KC, Bloo had no way to keep away the scary machines that haunted his past- with no understanding as to why they bothered him so. Guns, airplanes, darkness, simple yet relatable fears. Bloo’s biggest fear however, was being left all alone once again- before KC came along. Without the orange turtle at his side, how would the derpy turtle go on? KC wouldn't leave him all alone in the dark again- no of course not! Bloo love KC!
There were times the smaller of the two would come whining after a bad dream, or after witnessing something that struck his memories and made his brain go into ‘scaredy cat’ mode, acting worse than a lonely puppy in a hurricane. Lots of times KC would hold him, and his hands
The Wonderful World of KC and Bloo (KC Version)Warning! these prompts contain abuse, mentions of blood and gore, mothdicks, sexy times, some fluff, manipulation, all kinds of bad stuff, and possibly sensitive materials disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised (copied without permition)

Prompt 1: Phobia
There wasn’t much KC feared. Heck, he knew he was going to die someday. But that determination changed the day he found the blue butt. KC treasured rare things, and this strange little fellow was one of those things. “Here, boy. Got some treats for ya.” KC cooed to lure Bloo closer, and it always worked like a charm. Bloo trusted him completely. Mind and body. KC enjoyed the power he had over Bloo. One word and he would follow willingly without questioning the where, when and how. KC would do things to Bloo, and he would always come back, even if scared. Best part? Bloo could never argue back. He could barely spell out KC’s name, for that matter. Bloo couldn’t fig

tmnt Chibi KC n chibi Bloo by Dragona15 tmnt Chibi KC n chibi Bloo hair by Dragona15
KC n Bloo Selling cookies by Dragona15 TMNT Guns N Cookies - Partytime by Dragona15
tmnt How KC Met Bloo by Dragona15 KC and Bloo SAINW - The Loss by Dragona15
Season Greetings From Derps by FrankenPup
Cuddle Wuddle by FrankenPup I Choose You Pike-Bloo! by FrankenPup
 tmnt KC Bloo Licky by Dragona15I Lub Youuuuu~ by FrankenPup
Just us freaks by Hainju Iscribble K.C. and Bloo by Dragona15
Dancing Cuties by xXRainbowGirlyXx K.C. and Bloo by SuruzaaOfLove24
Fireworks [KC x Bloo] by xenelle055 KC and Bloo! by xenelle055
TMNT: Five Again: Chapter 1
Five Again
Chapter 1
Dragona15 requested this fic.
MomoRawrr did the beautiful art. Thank you for letting me use it.
Warning: Implied t-cest but I’m gonna keep this one PG-13 to R and have the naughty scenes for IB. If you don’t like t-cest then don’t read this.
Raph helps Renet with a problem and when she sends him back she accidently sends him as a five year old. The others have no idea how or why Raph is suddenly five again.
Raph grunted as he lifted the large statue back in place. “Why did you bring only me?”
Renet shrugged, “I figured that one of you would be enough and didn’t want to bother all of you so I asked the time scepter to bring the strongest.”
“Yeah?” Raph flashed her a toothy grin. “The strongest huh?”
“I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this,” Renet heaved a sigh of relief. “Lord Simultaneous would have been so mad if he found that statue on the ground like that. It

K.C.'s adventures

TMNT oc KC got Donnie by Dragona15 tmnt oc KC vs Splinter n Mikey by Dragona15
tmnt oc KC vs Raph by Dragona15 tmnt oc KC vs Leo by Dragona15
K.C. DrabbleLeo's Revenge
Warning: Character death.

Leo's feet came to a halt the moment he spotted the well-known emerald color of his most rebellious brother lying on the floor, tainted crimson by his own blood.
The sight before the leader in blue troubled him greatly, as he found it hard to process the grotesque imagery before him. Where should be located Raph's bright yellow plastron was naught but orange hands burrowing deep into the pile of organs that were obviously not in their right places.
Said hands stopped the moment its owner sensed the presence of Leonardo. Lifting his unbroken golden eye, K.C. stared directly towards Leo with a defying gaze, his features unpleasant with the forms of a twisted dark smirk.  “You’re late.”
The orange turtle spoke softly, yet loud enough for the leaf green turtle to hear it. As if to prove his point, K.C. moved the hand that was previously inside Raphael’s guts, and raised it above h

Bloo's adventures

I Bring Foodz by FrankenPup Bloo N Marble By Dragona15-d79fkph by Dragona15
This is Franken's Fault by xenelle055


Nanananannananan BATMAN
Great news for all the interested in this comic
Thanks to all of the submitted suggestions, I was able to pull past the artist's block and continue it.
:iconxenelle055: is coloring the third page.

That is all.
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Name of Image Name of Image

Comic Projects
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gimme that kitkat.....NAO

Depends on the versions you talking about and the versions people like best.
2012 raph speaks 'normally', and 2003 raph has an accent as well swallows letters and says "all'a ya" instead of "all of you". and sometimes people just like to write raph swagging up the english like that :P
A'righ, Imma look on Youtube ta hear 'im

XD something like that?
exactly~ yous got it jus' rite
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Thank you for the favourites!! I feel so honored for a great artista like you faving my art :heart: _ :heart:
daw you make cute stuff :heart: of course i fave it
Really cool stuff by the way :)
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